Using Unlocking Formula

Unlock a whole new world 
of painting possibilities.

Atelier's Unlocking Formula has been specifically designed so that you can control the drying of Atelier Interactive. If you wish to know how this patented process works in a technical sense, you may find the diagrams below are helpful.

How Unlocking Formula works

The pigment and acrylic particles are suspended in water containing an acrylic solution polymer.

As the water evaporates the acrylic solution forms a coating around the solid pigment and solid acrylic particles.

The Unlocking Formula dissolves the coating around the pigment and acrylic particles.

When you use the Unlocking Formula, it dissolves the acrylic solution surrounding these solid particles, which rewets the paint and enables you to continue painting with wet paint. Of course, you can add more wet paint to it if you wish to. The Unlocking Formula evaporates rapidly, so that when your "unlocked" part of your painting dries, you can layer as needed.


Important Points To Remember

  • Atelier Interactive dries from the bottom up instead of forming a skin.
  • You can apply Unlocking Formula “locally” by using a brush.
  • You can “bring back” needed colors which may have dried on your palette.
  • As soon as you stop using Unlocking Formula (or water) your painting will dry normally.
  • Atelier Interactive is not a slow drying paint like Golden Open. Bottom up drying only takes slightly longer to dry.
  • Choice of medium for the stage of the painting you are working on is important.
  • There is a “tender” stage, so if you want to over paint with vigorous scratch back techniques, you should apply a seal layer of Universal Medium/Varnish (diluted 50/50 with water) or use a hair dryer to set the under layer firmly. Generally speaking, it is simply easier to create soft edges and transitions when you use Atelier Interactive. Your painting should finish with a more integrated look, a little more like an oil painting, because you have been able to blend easily.