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A Basic Outline On Using Atelier Interactive

Atelier Interactive is easy to use if you consider its versatile properties separately and choose what is useful to you.

All acrylic artists are used to fast drying paints and have adapted techniques which are dictated by the way the paint behaves. Atelier Interactive is often used in a fast drying mode, but also offers the opportunity to do extended wet blending, which is the biggest advantage of using oil paints. Of course, acrylic artists also do wet blending in short bursts, so it is not a new experience, but Atelier Interactive makes it easy to prolong blending whenever you want more working time.

Even if you plan to do a lot of wet blending, it is good to be able to use acrylics for fast techniques because the ability to change your mind and make alterations quickly can be very useful.

You need to combine these two basic drying characteristics - fast and slow - in a way that suits your own work.

To Do Fast Drying Techniques

Use the paint as you would any other acrylic paint, and it behaves quite normally, only drying slightly more slowly than traditional paints. If you are using mediums, you should choose from the range of traditional mediums when you want fast drying.

Long Blending Sessions

When you are able to extend wet blending at will, you can do your whole painting wet-in-wet if you like. Most acrylic artists are used to painting in layers, so they choose to do wet blending when they need more working time, or maybe in the final stages because wet blending helps to unify a painting. Even if you are a beginner, you need not feel challenged by this, because you already know how to do wet blending for short periods.

Painting Wet In Wet

Make sure you only use Atelier Interactive paint, and if you want to use a medium, choose an “interactive” one that helps wet blending because the traditional mediums will convert the paint to a traditional fast drying paint. (Mixing with other  brands also converts Atelier Interactive to a traditional fast drying paint). The Atelier Interactive paint can be kept wet in two simple ways when you want to blend.

Method 1 – Using Unlocking Formula

Spraying with Unlocking Formula has become very popular since it was introduced, because you don’t need to be attentive when you use it.  It not only keeps the painting wet, it also rewets sections which might be partly dry and would no longer respond to a water sprayer.

Method 2

 You can use a water atomiser.  The paint absorbs moisture and can keep going, but you have to be alert when your painting is starting to dry and be ready to spray again.

For more detailed information see How To Use Atelier Interactive and Fast And Slow Painting Techniques.