Tradition + Innovation=Control

Atelier Interactive is a unique artists' acrylic which allows you to use traditional techniques but also allows you to extend the drying time for more wet-in-wet blending whenever you want to. It is simple to understand if we divide our user information into two sections - one for Traditional, Fast Drying Techniques and the other to explain the techniques that you might like to investigate, for New, Longer Painting Sessions.


For Traditional, Fast Drying Techniques Only

  • Use from the tube, with water or with any traditional painting mediums for traditional acrylic painting techniques
  • Dries at the same rate as other artists' acrylics for quick layering

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For New, Longer Painting Sessions As Well As Fast Drying Techniques

For long blending, use these special mediums with Unlocking Formula; for traditional techniques use these mediums without Unlocking Formula.

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