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Our Atelier products range from a traditional buttery heavy bodied acrylic to a vivid fluid acrylic. These acrylics are supported by a range of mediums, gels and varnishes.


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“In culture there is never an innovation that does not spring from tradition
because the interweaving of innovation and tradition is what culture is.” - Clive James


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Atelier Artists’ Acrylics offers a broad range of quality Acrylic paints and mediums that will support your diverse acrylic painting requirements.

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This paint is often used in conventional, fast-drying mode, but if you think that being able to keep your paint wet "on demand" could interest you, these info sheets need to be downloaded and read carefully.

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We distribute our products world-wide and have over 1,000 stockists that supply our products either via an Online Store or through one of their Retail outlets.

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Atelier Interactive does weave innovation into the acrylic tradition:

• Atelier Interactive is a fine artists' acrylic paint.
• The necessary information about the pigments used is given with the color chart.
• The binder is a pure acrylic.
• The formula is a “heavy bodied” paint.

What you need to know is what gives Atelier Interactive its advantages, how it works, what its benefits are
and how to make use of its new characteristics.

• It is not a slow drying paint.
• It is not a fast drying paint.
• It performs both of these functions, because you control the drying time.
• All traditional fast drying techniques remain in place.
What makes Atelier Interactive different is that you can keep it wet (i.e. extend the drying time) whenever you like, yet it dries normally fast when you stop painting.
• Control of wet blending even includes being able to rewet recently dried paint if you want to re-work something by using Unlocking Formula.
• Atelier Interactive is easy to use because blending wet paint is not a new experience.

This website has a normal format allowing you to navigate as you please, but to help you understand how to use Atelier Interactive we suggest that you follow the sequences that we have set out below by clicking the PART 2, PART 3, etc. buttons.