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Atelier Interactive Artists Acrylics

Tradition + Innovation = Control


Atelier Interactive is a lush, lightfast, professional acrylic with a satin sheen and buttery consistency that artists' love. Use the 77 colors for traditional acrylic painting techniques such as layering, glazing, impasto, mixed media, collage and more.

To fully exploit Atelier Interactive's fast-drying features, use straight from the tube or with traditional acrylic painting mediums.


If you are frustrated with the fast drying quality of traditional acrylics and want more time for wet-in-wet blending like oil painters, Atelier Interactive is the answer.

Use "interactve" mediums such as the Painting Medium (mid-viscosity) or Heavy Body Painting Medium with Unlocking Formula to explore edge blending and extend wet-in-wet blending sessions.


Only Atelier Interactive can be used as a traditional fast drying paint, but with the ability to be kept wet for longer painting sessions. Both of these characteristics can be used in one painting and with one set of paints.

Atelier Interactive offers artists the ability for complete control over the painting process by simplifying these choices of application and choosing mediums designed for the different end uses.

  • Use TRADITIONAL mediums (or water) if you want to paint. Overpaint using traditional, tried and true, standard acrylic painting techniques developed since 1965.
  • Use INTERACTIVE mediums if you want to explore wet-in-wet blending and control drying time.


For a deeper knowledge of how Atelier Interactive works, read and download the Info Sheets found on this website. But to truly understand how Atelier Interactive works, just try the paint yourself.