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Road Testing The New Mediums

If you look at the images below you can see that I have been doing a lot of work and really “road testing the mediums” before inflicting them on you, the public. I hope you see some ways in which the mediums will be useful in your practice. I can only describe and illustrate what I am finding out myself, but I hope it will help you choose a suitable medium. I am sure that any artist among you who has only previously just used water will immediately notice that using a medium put you in a completely different world where everything becomes more manageable.

The biggest practical problem to overcome in a dry country like Australia is that trying to use an acrylic paint on an absorbent surface often results in a situation where the paint controls what you do – or to put it more correctly, what you can get done before the paint interrupted you by drying. Like anything that you may do that is unfamiliar, to start off with you will need to familiarize yourself with the opportunities that Atelier Interactive gives you to control the drying time, or that Atelier Free Flow gives you because of its unique consistency which allows you to get very immediate gouache like effects especially on watercolour paper.

Colour Mixing

I am continuing the colour mixing exercises and would appreciate any comment you might like to make. If you want to see that article and videos please click here.

Tricia Reust | Atelier New Mediums

Tricia Reust made a fantastic demonstration on several ways to utilize the new Atelier Mediums. If you would like to access that video please click here.

Conversations with Alice

We are having an exhibition at the Gallery Lane Cove in Syndey on 3-27 April 2019; opening night 3 April  6-8pm. This exhibit features work done by artists who attended the Ross River Resort in central Australia last July, which is organized annually by artist Bela Ivanyi.

If you want to read more about the exhibition or Bela’s work, click the links below.

Share Your Artwork With Us

It can look very selfish and egotistical for me to be filling cyberspace with paintings that I have done myself, but I would like this website to become one where people can share their images and experiences. I am not a very digital person but I am told that is not difficult to send an image from your iPhone to our email: marketing@chromaonline.com. We would love to share your  images on our different social media networks in order to create a community of artists.