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The ten winners of competition about “What Unlocking Formula is used for” are published below:

Diane Boenkendorft • Eileen Jenkins • Rosemary Bronkhurst • Alanye Pohlmann • Leanne Kelly

Des Embry • Adrienne Wilkie • Jenni Zammit • Alyssia Bond • Annette McCrossin

How To Avoid The Misuse Of Unlocking Formula

It is simpler, when you need to use Unlocking Formula and keep your painting wet, to just dip your brush in it and continue painting. If you are using an atomizer spray you need to be careful, because if you spray too much the medium and the thin paint will dribble down the painting, unless it is placed in a horizontal position. Note the Unlocking Formula must penetrate the layer of partly dry paint that you want to keep working with, and if it is a thin layer of paint that you are keeping wet, it takes very little Unlocking Formula to dissolve it and make it run. Whereas if you have a relatively thick juicy layer of partly dry paint, there is much more paint in the layer that you are activating, and it can absorb a larger amount of Unlocking Formula.

The Unlocking Formula is easy to use and does keep your painting wet when you wanted to, but as I have commented above using too much Unlocking Formula in an atomizer spray can cause the problems I have mentioned. There is a learning process involved in using it, and the safest way to utilize it is to place your painting in a horizontal position so that the paint does not run if you used to much Unlocking Formula.

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My Impression About The New Mediums

  • I think the concept of the ladder series based on viscosity is very simple and workable and makes it easy to choose mediums.
  • I think most people will have the same experience that I have had trying the mediums out – it is very difficult to describe how to use paint in words but what I found at a instinctive level is that I like all of the mediums and I still developing ways to using them.