Chromium Green Oxide

Chromium Green Oxide is a Series 2 opaque color. It has a masstone of mid yellowish green, with a similar yellow green undertone. This neutral and very opaque mid tone green, can be shifted in many directions when mixed with brighter colours. This color is available in 80ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes.

Color Detail



Blended with Titanium White

Washed with water

Color Comparisons

Comparing Terre Verte / Chromium Oxide Green / Forest Green

The first three swatches show these three colours in succession tinted with White. Terre Verte is sometimes used as the underpainting colour callled “grisaille” underpainting colour in figure painting. Chromium Green Oxide is a very neutral greyish green and can be boosted with brighter colours to take it in a warm or cool direction while making use of the opacity that it offers. Forest Green is probably the most “naturalistic” of the greens shown on our colour chart and is therefore popular in landscape painting. The two long swatches at the bottom of this page show Forest Green and Terre Verte being used transparently.

Chromium Green Oxide with white

Forest Green with white

Terre Verte with white

Forest Green

Terre Verte

Comparing Chromium Oxide Green

Chromium Oxide Green is a very opaque mid tone relatively neutral green which can be useful as a mixing colour when some other bright pigment is mixed with it. Shown here are masstone tints mixed with Pthalo Green and Pthalo Blue and Arylamide Yellow Light.

Mixed with Pthalo Green

Mixed with Pthalo Blue

Mixed with Arylamide Yellow Light

Color Information

  • Chemical Description: Synthetic Inorganic
  • Pigment Type: Anhydrous Chromium Sesqui Oxide
  • Lightfastness: 1
  • Permanency: Excellent
  • Pigment Strength: Medium
  • Colour Index Name: PG 17
  • Opacity or Transparency: Very Opaque

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