Mars Violet

Mars Violet is a Series 1 opaque color. It is the weakest and most violet of the iron oxides. It has a masstone of intense brown violet rust, with a cooler brown violet undertone. This color is available in 80ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes.

Color Detail



Blended with Titanium White

Washed with water

Color Comparisons

Comparing Mars Violet

This colour swatch shows Mars Violet reduced with White, the second colour is Mars Violet with a small amount of Pthalo Blue mixed with White and the third is Mars Violet with a greater amount of Pthalo Blue and mixed with White.

Comment – although Mars Violet might appear to be a dull uninteresting colour, it does have a practical use especially for mixing greys which can be either warm or cool.

The final swatch shows a mixture of Mars Violet with Pthalo Blue scraped around with palette knife. This shows another aspect of this mixture of colours, where the top tone in the thicker applications of the paint is warm and at the same time, where the colour is scraped out thinly, it becomes cool.

Mars Violet with white

Mixed with small amount of Pthalo Blue

Mixed with more Pthalo Blue

Mars Violet & Pthalo Blue mix

Color Information

  • Chemical Description: Synthetic Inorganic
  • Pigment Type: Synthetic Iron Oxide
  • Lightfastness: 1
  • Permanency: Excellent
  • Pigment Strength: Not a strong Pigment
  • Colour Index Name: PR 101
  • Opacity or Transparency: Very Opaque

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