Toning Grey Mid

Toning Grey Mid is a Series 1 transparent color. It has a masstone of light cool grey, with a similar undertone. This color is available in 80ml, 250ml and 500ml sizes.

Color Detail



Blended with Titanium White

Washed with water


Color Comparisons

Comparing Toning Grey Mid

This is grey value 5 is used to subdue bright tints of bright colours. The first one shows a tint of Pthalo Green, the second swatch is a tint of Dioxazine Purple and the third is graduated swatch with Pthalo Blue.

Tint of Pthalo Green

Tint of Dioxazine Purple

Graduated with Pthalo Blue


Color Information

  • Chemical Description: Titanium White, Micaceous Pearl
  • Pigment Type: Mixed Pigment
  • Lightfastness: 1
  • Permanency: Excellent
  • Pigment Strength: Medium
  • Colour Index Name: PW 6, Micaceous
  • Opacity or Transparency: transparent

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