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Climate Information Sheet

Climate Has A Huge Effect On All Acrylic Paints


Cold Climate

In a cold climate, if you are toughing it out and not using a heater, you will find acrylics work much better at ambient temperature, so be kind to your painting and use a heater. All acrylics work better above 70°F (21°C).



Water cannot evaporate in an atmosphere saturated with humidity, so your acrylic paint can’t dry properly or cure. Humidity levels above 75% slow down the drying of all acrylics. If you have a smart phone you can check a weather app to determine your local humidity on the day that you are painting.


Painting With Atelier Interactive In Humid Or Cold Conditions

All acrylics are slowed down by high humidity or cold conditions. You need to choose mediums that suit your working conditions, or you may need to use a hair dryer before over painting.



Please read the separate notes on varnishing. It is advisable to apply varnish in dry weather. Water-based varnishes can be problematical, and we  get about three phone calls a week from people worried about their varnish being tacky sometime after application. This is caused by humidity and can be corrected with dry warmth, and will right itself simply by the passage of time.