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Review for Atelier Free Flow Acrylics
Great Paint

a good paint for pours!

Review for Atelier Interactive
You must try them....

I\’ve been using Atelier Interactive for years and they are superb. The ability to re-wet the surface with either water or the Unlocking Formula makes them so flexible compared to other acrylic paints. I enjoy the consistency of the paint. I can work thickly or use a medium to give greater flow.

Review for Atelier interactive acrylic
wonderful acrylics

i love these acrylics they are blendable, beautiful colors and easy to work with

Review for Atelier Interactive Acrylic
Great colour range

I use Atelier Interactive acrylics regularly, and I love them. The colours are vibrant, and I love the ease of use.

Review for Atelier Interactive Acrylics
Vibrant Colours

These paints are a vibrant easy flow paint. You can mix with Atelier liquefying Medium for a more softer fine flow to get those fine details in your painting. I have even used them in pouring. The rich deep colours blend together easily creating a beautiful colour palate, that allows your paintings to stand out in any room.

Review for Atelier Interactive Acrylics
Artist Emma Ward

I’ve been using these acrylics for over five years. I love their versatility to work like a watercolour, or thick like oils with its interactive nature to open up even if it’s dried. Perfect for our Queensland weather, I adore them!

Review for Atelier Interactive
Simply the Best

I have been using Interactives for over seven years now and cannot find anything to compare. The ability to re-work is so helpful and the colours stay true, with easy blending. Superb quality product.

Review for Molding Paste
Fantatsic foundation!

This medium provides an effective base for my paintings. After priming my canvas, I spread this on thick with a knife like icing. I then drag various tools through it to create the texture that I want. After I let it dry overnight, I begin my painting. Molding paste (formerly called modeling compound) is a critical element to the look of my work.