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Announcing the Release of Our New Acrylic Mediums

As featured in Australian Artist Magazine - click to download the article

As Featured in New Zealand Artist Magazine - click to download the article

I have set out below our new Mediums ranging from very thick to very thin. You need to know that all of these mediums prolong wet working time but they can also be used for traditional techniques simply by not using the Unlocking Formula and they can be dried easily by applying some source of warmth.

Note: you will need a bottle of Unlocking Formula to get the best from these Mediums.

Our new Atelier Mediums - introduced in late 2018 - are the result of years of work. We present them separately from the established Mediums because of their special features.

  • They all have a double function: use with Unlocking Formula for prolonged blending, and use without Unlocking Formula for standard use.
  • The mediums are arranged in a viscosity ladder making it easy for artists to match up the medium to the work that they are doing.
  • They all dry to a satin finish which matches the heavy bodied paints Atelier Interactive and Atelier A2.
  • It is important that these Mediums form a coordinated approach to the use of Mediums which artists should find very useful.
  • All the established mediums, such as Slow, Fast, Universal, etc., remain in place.

Mediums For Heavy Bodied Acrylic Paints - Atelier Interactive & A2

New! Heavy Gel (Satin)

This is an extremely thick yet mobile paste which holds brush marks and creates a sharp impasto effect similar to oil paints when used with a palette knife. Available in 250ml pots

New! Thick Painting Medium

The Thick Painting Medium has a viscosity similar to the paint itself, and if you like working wet in wet this medium is very straightforward to use but it simply will not work unless you use at least one part to one part of paint, because the purpose of the Medium is to create a wet layer, ie. a blanket of wet paint, and once this is established you will not need to spritz with Unlocking Formula much or perhaps not at all, depending on the weather.

When you have finished a layer it can be dried easily by applying warmth (ie. sunlight, draft from an air conditioner or hair dryer).

Available in 250ml bottles and 1L bottles.


New! Middle Painting Medium

The Middle Medium is a fine tuning of the original Clear Painting Medium. and is basic for diluting and spreading paint, blending, edge blending, and glazing.

Available in 250ml bottles.


New! Thin Medium

Thin Painting Medium completes the list. Breakdown the Heavy Bodied Paint by adding this Medium for a smooth dilution for air brushing, to create a liquid paint or for fine detail.

Available in 250ml bottles.




Mediums For The More Fluid & Matte Paints - Atelier Free Flow & Jo Sonja

There are artists who dislike the normal appearance of Acrylics but who would appreciate these two types of matte paint if they were aware of them.

New! Holding Medium

When Holding Medium is added to the above paints they body up and are easier to control in a more painterly mode.

Available in 250ml and 500ml bottles.



New! Thin Medium

Atelier Free Flow and Jo Sonja’s Acrylic are matte and are already more flowy paints but become very liquid when Thin Medium is added. See the videos above.

Available in 250ml bottles.

Please note.  The above mediums are being added to the existing, long established range of Atelier Mediums - the Slow, Thick Slow, Universal, etc. There are no immediate plans to discontinue a medium that artists may depend on and love.


Now Through 31 December 2018

The mediums for the heavy bodied paints are:

Heavy Gel Satin

Available in 250ml pots.

Thick Painting Medium

Available in free tubes if you buy two tubes of Atelier Interactive*
Available in normal packaging of 250ml bottles and in 1 litre bottles.

*Australia/New Zealand only. While supplies last.

Middle Medium

Available in free tubes if you buy two tubes of Atelier Interactive*
Available in normal packaging of 250ml bottles.

*Australia/New Zealand only. While supplies last.

Thin Medium

Available in normal packaging of 250 ml bottles.

The mediums for Atelier Free Flow and Jo Sonja are:

Holding Medium

Available in free tubes with purchase of 2 tubes of Jo Sonja or 2 60 ml bottles of Atelier Free Flow*

Available in normal packaging of 250 ml bottles and in 500 ml bottles.

*Available in Australia/New Zealand only. While supplies last.

Thin Medium

Available in normal packaging of 250 ml bottles.


Art societies or organised art groups might be interested in having these Mediums available for their members to try out, which we would prefer to take the form of a mutual sharing, but if people come in and out of shared premises they could simply be there to try, but it is important to have the internet information available so that people can understand them. If your society or group is interested please contact marketing@chromaonline.com.

Please contact your local art shop and order your free Mediums, and if you like them please advise the shop so that they can place orders for the larger packaging.

*Offer expires 31 December 2018. Free Sample Tubes promotion available in Australia and New Zealand only. Introductory promotional prices available in Australia and New Zealand only and may vary from store to store. Promotional products and pricing available while supplies last. Prices in New Zealand dollars are 10% higher because of the exchange rate. Product packaging may vary slightly by location. Not all products available in all locations. Please check with your retailer.