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Glazing is a painting technique in which you apply a thin, transparent layer of paint on top of a dry layer resulting in a new or enhanced color. Instead of physically mixing colors together, such as blue and yellow to make green, you apply a transparent blue layer on top of the yellow paint layer to get green. What results is a stained glass, luminous effect - glazing provides a…
Image transfers made easy using photocopies and Atelier Binder Medium. Learn how to do this fun and easy painting technique that can be used for any mixed media, collage or Atelier Interactive or acrylic painting.
In this painting video, Chroma's Resident Artist Jennifer VonStein illustrates the 3 Zones of Atelier Interactive Professional Artists' Acrylics. These methods use Fast Drying Techniques for over painting, Controlled Drying Techniques for blending, and Slow Drying Techniques for extended wet-in-wet painting.
Here is an excerpt from a video taken of Barry and Lucy McCann demonstrating at the Art Scene winter school at the Stuart University in Bathurst during July 2013. Barry is demonstrating the virtues of Atelier Interactive and both Barry and Lucy make some interesting comments.
Acclaimed Australian artist Lucy McCann recently demonstrated at the 2013 Australian Art Expo in Sydney. In this video, she creates an amazing crashing wave watercolour using Atelier Free Flow fluid artists' acryclic paints. The beauty of Atelier Free Flow is that it can be diluted to achieve a watercolour effect. For more information on Lucy McCann go to
In this video, learn how Mitch Waite uses Atelier Interactive acrylics to paint a landscape with a great compositional framework. Atelier Interactive is the only acrylic paint that lets artists over paint dry layers and blend colors for slow, wet-in-wet effects!
At the 2013 Australian Art Expo in Sydney, leading artist Barry McCann shows off the power of Atelier Fast Medium/Fixer as the risk-free way to paint with acrylic paints by keeping the finished parts of the painting sealed from harm.
In this how-to painting video, artists can learn blending and glazing tips and the differences between mediums such as Atelier Clear Painting Medium, Acrylic Glazing Liquid, Slow Medium and Thick Slow Mediums. Learn how to blend and work wet-in-wet using Atelier Interactive Acrylics, a water sprayer and the Unlocking Formula.
One of the perks of being a Resident Artist is that I get to use lots of paint! Like many artists, I have standard colors that I favor, but I’ve gotten questions about what color to use for portraits, landscapes, etc. So lately I’ve been exploring different color palettes when I’ve painted with Interactive and I thought I’d share some of my favorites. Standard: What can I say – I’m…
Everyone now knows that the old typecast world of fast drying acrylics is changing into something else. There is great interest at the moment in Plein Air Painting because it showcases any difficulties that could come up with the newer slower blending processes which are being discussed, and if you can paint comfortably outdoors, studio work is going to be easy to deal with. Everyone will want to try out…
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