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The Joy of Painting (Children’s Edition)

Happy, tiny cherubs. Lovely, precious, little darlings. Squirming, crying, drooling, non-stop bouncing, running, laughing bundles of energy. All of these descriptions are applicable to children, especially to those between the ages of 10 months and 4 years, and it seems, especially to my children. But it doesn’t mean I can’t paint them, it just means […]

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What’s On Your Palette?

One of the perks of being a Resident Artist is that I get to use lots of paint! Like many artists, I have standard colors that I favor, but I’ve gotten questions about what color to use for portraits, landscapes, etc. So lately I’ve been exploring different color palettes when I’ve painted with Interactive and […]

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Airbrushing with Interactive

Like many artists, Chroma Teaching Artist Barry Sholder paints in a variety of styles and uses many tools to create his works. He recently emailed this “How-To” article on using an airbrush with Interactive. Check it out! I have been an airbrush artist for over 20 years and have run every kind of paint and […]

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My Experiences Plein Air Painting With Interactive

Everyone now knows that the old typecast world of fast drying acrylics is changing into something else. There is great interest at the moment in Plein Air Painting because it showcases any difficulties that could come up with the newer slower blending processes which are being discussed, and if you can paint comfortably outdoors, studio […]

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